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Mississippi Products Liability Law Firm Protects Your Rights

Stand up to those who put you at risk

If an unsafe or defective product injured you or a family member, you may have grounds to initiate a products liability lawsuit. Product designers, manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to make sure that that their products are safe for the consumers who use them. When a product is defective or harmful to its users, it is only fair to hold the liable party or parties accountable.

When you file a claim for compensation, it is best to use a products liability attorney from a top law firm such as Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick. A good attorney can make a convincing and compelling argument for how a defective product injured you. Most important, your lawyer is determined to make sure you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

How are products determined to be defective?

It is essential to your case that you and your attorney demonstrate that the cause of your injury was a defective product. How do you determine if a product is defective? A product might be considered defective because of the following:

  1. Error in manufacturing: A product can be defective because it is improperly constructed or produced or made with harmful materials. For example, toys may be colored with lead paint. A manufacturing error that leads to an injury is grounds for a products liability case.
  2. Poor design: A product designed carelessly or ineffectively can lead to injury. These products, even when properly manufactured, are inherently dangerous to users. For example, a certain sports utility vehicle may flip over when turning corners.
  3. Insufficient warning or instructions: Some products are inherently dangerous but serve a particular purpose. These products must contain warnings to alert users to hazards or directions about how to use them correctly. A corrosive paint-removing chemical might not have a label warning users not to allow the product to touch their skin, for example. Such errors in packaging and/or distribution are enough to classify a product as defective.

An example of a products liability situation is an auto accident that occurred because of defective brakes or a sticky gas pedal. Those who become injured in such an accident can bring a personal injury claim against the auto manufacturer that built the car with defective safety features.

Often, people who are injured by a product are unsure of where the defect occurred. At the law firm of Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick, we help clients examine the products in question and determine what type of defects led to their injuries.

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If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to a defective product, you have the right to file a claim for compensation. The dedicated and reliable personal injury law firm of Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick is fully qualified to advise you about filing a claim. Call us at 866-461-1591 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.