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Pascagoula Railroad Accident Lawyers Fight for the Injured

Firm seeks compensation for Mississippi victims of train derailments and collisions

Railroads are an essential means of transporting goods and people around Mississippi and the nation. Though we usually take their safety for granted, a poorly operated train or railroad crossing can pose a serious danger to the public. At Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick, we help Mississippi residents pursue compensation for the injuries they suffer in train accidents.

What causes railroads accidents?

Trains can be involved in serious accidents for several reasons:

  • Train operator error — Due to their inexperience, poor training, intoxication, fatigue or negligence, the engineer driving the train might make a mistake that causes an accident.
  • Mechanical issues — Some trains and railroad cars have defects that make accidents more likely, such as improper brakes, broken lights and inoperable signals. These problems can be traced to poor design, faulty manufacturing or improper maintenance.
  • Track defects — Another potential problem is the condition of the track. For instance, it might be worn, broken or obstructed. There could also be a railroad switch in the wrong position.
  • Unsafe railroad crossings — Many accidents occur when vehicles attempt to negotiate railroad crossings that are unguarded, or have inadequate warnings, signs or visibility.
  • Lack of training for railroad employees — If those who operate, maintain and repair trains, tracks and other railroad facilities are not properly trained in their specialized and complex duties, passengers and people near the train may suffer dire consequences.

When we represent victims of railroad accidents, we thoroughly investigate the evidence. Once we determine the cause of the incident, our firm can bring a case against the liable individuals and entities.

Types of train accidents

As a result of these various causes, trains have been involved in several different types of accidents, including:

  • Derailments — A defective track, a wrongly positioned switch or a train traveling too quickly might result in all or part of the train jumping off the track, causing injury or death to riders, crew members and bystanders.
  • Railroad crossing collisions — The intersection of track and street can result in a train smashing into a motor vehicle, possibly due to inadequate protections at the crossing.
  • Hitting pedestrians — Pedestrians walking on, or trying to cross, the track could be struck by a train.

Any train accident can result in catastrophic injuries. A railroad may also be liable for other types of accidents that occur in their cars, on the tracks or in their stations, such as slip and fall incidents. If you or a loved one were hurt in any type of railroad accident, you can count on us to seek the damages you deserve for your injuries.

How to avoid railroad accidents

Most train accidents are preventable. Railroads should take care to train and supervise their employees properly. Train, track and station maintenance must be performed at appropriate intervals and when a concern arises. Railroad crossings should be properly marked and protected. Motorists and pedestrians can also avoid harm by being careful as they approach and cross tracks, making sure that no trains are approaching as they do so. We genuinely hope you never are never hurt in a railroad accident, but if you are victimized by one, our personal injury attorneys are ready to give you high quality representation.

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