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Pascagoula Rideshare Accident Lawyers Assist in Recovering Damages

Experienced Mississippi car crash lawyers help victims of Uber and Lyft accidents

Rideshare services provided by companies like Uber and Lyft allow travelers to use a mobile phone app to arrange fast and convenient transportation. However, the growth in popularity of ridesharing has come with an increase in the potential for accidents. If you are hurt while a passenger in a rideshare vehicle or in another car involved in a rideshare vehicle collision, it’s important to know who may be responsible for your medical bills and other resulting costs. The attorneys at Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick in Pascagoula help individuals injured in Mississippi rideshare accidents seek the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Skilled lawyers guide clients through the rideshare insurance claims process

Mississippi follows a traditional fault system for determining financial liability after an accident. Whoever was at fault for causing the accident is responsible for covering the resulting costs, including the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering faced by victims. When an on-duty rideshare driver caused the accident in which you were injured, your first recourse is to file an insurance claim.

Rideshare providers like Uber and Lyft fall into the category of “transportation network companies” (TNCs) under Mississippi law, which requires them to maintain the following insurance coverage minimums:

  • For an active driver — $1 million in liability coverage for every driver, from the time they accept a ride request to the time they drop off a passenger
  • For an on-duty driver without a customer — $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per person hurt in an accident, $100,000 in bodily coverage per accident and $25,000 in physical damage coverage per accident

However, when a driver is not logged into a rideshare app in search of passengers, he or she is considered an independent motorist and is not covered by the TNC policy. If you are injured in an accident that occurs in those circumstances and believe the rideshare driver to be at fault, you must claim against his or her personal liability insurance policy. If the driver’s insurance is insufficient to cover your accident expenses, you may be able to obtain additional compensation through a successful personal injury lawsuit against the driver.

Our experienced auto accident attorneys can help you prepare your insurance claims and take whatever legal action may be needed to obtain fair and adequate compensation.

Diligent accident lawyers pursue settlements and damages for serious injuries

Rideshare accidents can cause injuries to drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Customers riding in the back seat or passenger seat of a rideshare vehicle may suffer head trauma, spinal injuries, broken ribs, organ damage or other internal injuries. A victim of a pedestrian accident often experiences two or more impacts — first with the vehicle and then with the pavement and any other objects in the way. Paralysis, brain damage, long-bone fractures, road rash, permanent scarring and disfigurement are common injuries to pedestrians hit by drivers.

Our firm investigates Uber and Lyft accidents for proof that the rideshare driver is at fault and therefore liable for the costs of your injury. We examine witness testimony, photographic and video evidence, tire marks and debris from the accident scene. We can also look into whether the driver was distracted by their phone and whether the driver’s past conduct may have created a safety risk. We take all steps necessary to make a strong insurance claim and, if necessary, prepare a lawsuit.

Contact focused Mississippi rideshare accident attorneys to schedule a consultation

At Cumbest, Cumbest, Hunter & McCormick in Pascagoula, Mississippi, our skilled rideshare accident attorneys help victims to recover compensation for their injuries. If you were hurt in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, call 866-461-1591 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated personal injury lawyers.